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Okay, so basically I have never been made fun of or called names, that I can recall. But my friends and family have been. And I just hate it. I know my level and if I am in fact over weight or too skinny or gay or straight or black or white or Asian or Latina. I know, and I have a very good perception of how others perceive me, for the most part. And the thing is, why does it matter? When I see someone on the street or at school I don’t immediately thing of their outer shell. I think of how they are inside. Like everyone should. Because every single person on this planet that was, is, or is going to be here, is beautiful. You are beautiful. You like to eat oreos and cheese? Sick, that’s very unique. I don’t know. Be you, and work on you until you can look yourself in the eye and think to yourself, “I’m special. I’m beautiful in every way. I am me, and that’s all I’m ever going to be, and I love it.” Otherwise, the stereotypes win. Otherwise you’re nothing but a race, sex, orientation, disorder. Otherwise you’re a thing, and not a human being. If a person tells you you’re something you’re not, simple by knowing you aren’t makes you better than them. An insult is only hurtful if you let it be. Have your insecurities, they make you you. But know what you can healthily improve and what’s never going to change and take action. This world needs more people who aren’t so passive and can hold true to themselves. Be assertive. Love yourself. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Only strive to be better than you were yesterday.

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